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After graduating and working one last summer as a wilderness ranger, I started my career at Brand Neue Company, a creative advertising agency located in my hometown of Birmingham, AL in August 2021. Being one of nine employees (where six of them being graphic designers) I wore the many hats that are to be worn when working at an advertising agency. 

Everyday was different from the next - it was this kind of work environment that kept me excited, learning and constantly contributing. Within my first few months, I assisted with photography and videography photo shoots for clients like Shipt, Landing and Royal Cup, planned major events that included a guest list of state and local officials, designed, budgeted and coded lengthy websites for financial advisors, distributed items gifted to clients' top business partners and even helped with everyday business operations and management. 

I wore what seemed like every "hat" that can be worn in the advertising world, and I arguably learned more in my first months of working than I did in my four years of college.

Some of the projects I led are presented below, but to see more projects I have assisted with, and to learn more about Brand Neue, check us out on our website.


FuelFox, an Alabama-based (but now expanding) fuel-service company prides itself in innovative, efficient services and satisfied customers.


They wanted to show appreciation for their business partners and announce the opening of their Charlotte, NC office, so what better way of doing that than through a festive Christmas card?

I managed and created the direction, copy, communication, printing, and distribution of the card. 

Fuel Fox Christmas-01.png
Fuel Fox Christmas-02.png


SET Logistics, a trucking/warehousing company, asked us to create a New Year appreciation box to send to their business partners, clients and top employees. The recipients live anywhere from Canada to California, so the box needed to be presented and contain impressionable, resourceful items.


The process behind this celebratory box included sourcing the items, copywriting, design, presenting the concept to the client, working with the merchandiser and finally, the distribution of the boxes. The broad audience, overall purpose and functionality of the items was at the forefront of my mind through every step of the project.

SET-0024—New Years Gift Box—Insert Card—FRONT OL.png
SET-0024—New Years Gift Box—Insert Card—BACK.png
Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 1.38.49 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 1.41.57 PM.png


Alabama Aerospace & Aviation High School (AAHS) is a charter school opening in August 2022, and the founder, Ruben Morris, is a long-time client and friend of Brand Neue. As a part of this project, I had the honor to nominate Morris for Birmingham Business Journal's Man of the Year, which he ultimately won and received well-deserved recognition.  

Alabama is ranked 49th in education, and many of the public schools in the Birmingham area are unfortunately underfunded and often overlooked. Ruben Morris (and his wife, Jonta) have made it their life mission to provide better education opportunities for families in Alabama. I enjoyed working with him and his team on this mission and bringing his dream of an aviation high school to life. 

Whether it is photography, design, web development, communication or budgeting, I have strengthened a variety of my skills through the work of this project.

To see their official website that I have developed and continue to update weekly, click here.
Headshot Photography & Web Development
Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 1.46.15 PM.png
Billboard Design 
Event Planning & Management


Reliance Financial Group (RFG) is a group that supports independently operating financial advisors and their clients. RFG is based in Birmingham, AL, but they have advisors in almost every state in the United States. At Brand Neue, we meet with every advisor to build a brand and website for them. We also maintain RFG's brand, websites and other deliverables. 

I had the opportunity to work with an advisor based in Boulder, CO. From the initial brand/identity meeting to the current maintenance and reporting of the website, I learned a great deal about HTML, CSS, copywriting and of course, client management. 

To see the website in its entirety, click here. 

To learn more about RFG and more of our branding work, click here. 
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