As stated on my Homepage, I was a German minor and had the incredible opportunity to complete my minor in Vienna, Austria in 2019. 

Each day I attended a German conversational course and cultural course taught by highly acclaimed professors at the Austro-American Institute.

Each weekend was free for students to explore neighboring countries, but being based in a cultural hub like Vienna was a learning opportunity of a lifetime that I will cherish forever. 

Executive Society serves as the official ambassadors for Auburn's nationally-ranked business school. 

As a member of the organization, I gave weekly tours of the business school to prospective students and their parents, alumni, and other notable people within the business college. In addition, I worked the numerous events that the school may host including the groundbreaking of the $45 million new graduate building and events relating to the donors of the school.



During college, I was worked at Soca Girl, one of Birmingham's most beloved stores during school breaks. What is unique about Soca Girl is that it provides clothing for tweens and elementary-school aged girls, which is a very difficult age to shop for. 

Being a locally-owned store for such a specific market, I had the chance to form relationships with customers (whether it is the girl, her grandparent, or even uncle) and ultimately left an impact on girls during their most developmental years of life. 


Over the course of my three years at Auburn, I had the opportunity to serve in four different honor societies including Lambda Sigma (Auburn's "Top 50" freshmen) and Delta Phi Alpha, Auburn's German honor society.


These organizations valued community service and required a certain amount of hours of service for membership. I volunteered at Campus Kitchens, Auburn's food re-purposing program that fights hunger and promotes sustainability simultaneously. Although it was a requirement, I found myself looking forward to meeting the other volunteers and helping with two different causes at once.


For all four years if college, I hosted a weekly hour-long show loosely centered around the "funk" genre entitled "MalFunktion Junktion." 

Each week, I curated and broadcasted, with commentary, an hour-long playlist that incorporates old, new, electronic, or acoustic "funky" music. I often hosted special shows relating to current events, new releases, or celebrations of life in honor of a specific artist. 


The summer after my freshman year, I served as a camp counselor at the retreat where I grew up visiting. I worked with children ranging from ages 11-18 and led daily outdoor-based activities. I enjoyed my time with the children, but having time for fellowship with the summer staff that comprised of a wide-range of cultures, backgrounds, and ages was an enlightening experience that I am grateful for to this day. 


This truly was a dream-come-true being able to work in beautiful Western North Carolina with an eclectic group of people that gave me a new perspective on life that was much-needed after my first year of college. 


During the summer of 2020 and 2021, I worked as a Wilderness Ranger in Montreat, North Carolina. As a Montreat Wilderness Ranger, my day-to-day activities included maintaining over twenty trails, leading group hikes and excursions, and caring for wildlife, which includes but is not limited to: bears, bats, fish, native snakes, and our three residential snakes located in our “office,” the Nature Center. Some days we practiced outdoor skills like making shelters, starting fires, shooting bows and arrows, and anything else you might need to know when living (or working) in the wilderness