Auburn's student-run radio station was established in 1971 and has since expanded into broadcasting in five different counties along with having over 50 weekly shows and over 75 members. I started my student radio experience as a disc jockey and eventually served as the music and marketing director. My experience working at the radio station gave me a wide skill set ranging from design, curation, and communication. Growing up in a musical household developed my deep love for music and having the opportunity to work with music during my time in college truly enriched my four years in Auburn. 

Below are some of my projects completed for the radio station's marketing efforts.


This graphic was created with Adobe Spark and posted at the beginning of 2020 as part of the re-branding project for the radio station.

My first project as marketing director was creating this graphic. The intent with this graphic was simple: put WEGL's name in circulation on and off-campus

This was posted on the official Instagram and shared to a team of over 75 people within the radio station and received positive feedback from multiple areas of campus.


Within the week after posting the promotional graphic, this graphic was posted and shared to a targeted market of students in Auburn that have records of past involvement or interest in media or music. This tactic increased student participation at the radio station by 10%. 


Partnering with a local live music venue in exchange for advertisement and social media engagement, WEGL was able to host a ticket giveaway. 

In order to win tickets, participants were required to follow WEGL's Instagram and like and comment on this graphic that was posted. 

Page views of WEGL's Instagram increased by 25% during the week of the giveaway. 


I created this graphic when experimenting with a design for the station's official t-shirts. The goal was to make something retro-like and incorporate sound waves. The station was established in 1971, and I wanted to design something that reflected WEGL's roots.


Before taking the position as marketing director, I served as music director. In this position, I went through daily music submissions from local artists and major music labels. I then curated a weekly 2-hour radio show featuring what I thought would be well-received, highly promoted, or some of my personal favorites.  

This graphic was shared on the radio station's social media and website along with my personal account. Listening during that time of day increased 5% from the efforts.


COVID-19 has presented many challenges for businesses and other student organizations. However, with the flexibility the internet provides, pivoting marketing efforts is just one way WEGL adjusted to the unprecedented times. WEGL would be nothing without local music efforts and the businesses that back it, so pivoting our marketing efforts to support those who supported us was one of the ways WEGL adjusted and engaged with the community.

EVENT publicity

Even during a global pandemic, the staff at WEGL worked tirelessly to bring entertainment and community to Auburn's campus. "Auburn Stages" is a weekly socially-distant concert series held in an on-campus dining hall featuring student musicians and bands from the local area.   designed and published this lineup poster on social media to promote the event. 


Acquiring new consumers or followers is one battle, but retaining their support and following is a whole different battle of its own. For both retainment and aesthetic purposes, I designed and published this graphic on Valentine's Day.